February 07, 2012

Valentine Gifts For Him

Valentine Gifts For Him

Do you each year wonder what to give your boyfriend (or husband) for Valentine's Day and end up giving him a Hallmark card? Not this year anymore, because I've made a list (for some ideas)! 

1. What does every guy always have with them everywhere? I know some girls hope that the answer is their girlfriend, but unfortunately for them... It's their wallet. Put your picture inside, so that you are with him everywhere (kinda).

2. For those who live in a sunny area, give him sunglasses!

3. Give your favorite cologne... Don't need to spill more words on that.

4. If you don't have that much to spend, make him dinner and express your love in the food.

5. For the girls with working boyfriends among us... A tie is a perfect way to dress him a bit the way you want. Who can resist a man in suit (and tie)?

6. I don't know about your boyfriends, but mine can't do anything without his iPad. So, show him your love for his baby and give him a iPad case!

7. If you really don't know what to give him (due a lack of money or just time to buy something) a sweet DIY card is also an option ofcourse...

What did you give your loved one this year?

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