June 25, 2011

What To Wear To... School

source: unknown

You might think why on earth am I putting a post up of school clothes if the holidays are (almost) starting? As you all might know, I am extremely busy with my exams.. This is all I have in mind right now. Also, I got really sick and have to stay in bed. Although my body is not working with me, my head is screaming exams, papers, thesis! Because my mind can just only think about school right now, I couldn't help myself put a post up about what to wear to my exams.. What do you think, is it fashionable enough for the last couple of days?

June 18, 2011

Topshop At SPRMRKT Opening Amsterdam

pictures made by me

June 9th was a day to never forget. Topshop opened officially in Amsterdam! All of the fashionable people Holland has had gathered together for the opening. This was big en spectacular! Although Topshop is a store-in-store (in SPRMRKT if you were wondering), I'm just happy that we at least have a Topshop. I mean, I still can't believe that I now don't have to go to London to visit this great store!

Question: Can you guess who the girl is next to me on the last picture? I'll answere this on my next post! Stay tuned..

June 11, 2011

Feature - So Stylish

source: so-stylish.com

I've been featured on So Stylish's best outfits of May. I feel so honored! Have you voted on me? If not, please vote for my latest outfit on so-stylish

I'm busy writing my post on the opening of Topshop in Amsterdam, it was really so great! Stay tuned for more information...

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June 09, 2011

My Outfit - Still Studying

pictures made by Judith Noordzij for Rock 'n Style

It's been a while since I've updated some pictures of my outfit and I'm so sorry for that! I have exames, papers and a thesis to write.. AND GOING TO THE TOPSHOP OPENING TODAY! I'm so excited! I'll be representing Follow Fashion, a Dutch website where I also write for. I can't wait! If you are going too, let me know I'm happy to meet you!

June 05, 2011

Monthly Trend: June

Monthly Trend: June
I know that June has already started, but I've decided to post the monthly trend within a week of the month. This way you can just click on the month in the archives and see what the trends were that month. Anyway, June's 10 trends are all related to the Summer and the festivals! With these items you're ready to rock them all! Have a great Summer everyone!

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