June 18, 2011

Topshop At SPRMRKT Opening Amsterdam

pictures made by me

June 9th was a day to never forget. Topshop opened officially in Amsterdam! All of the fashionable people Holland has had gathered together for the opening. This was big en spectacular! Although Topshop is a store-in-store (in SPRMRKT if you were wondering), I'm just happy that we at least have a Topshop. I mean, I still can't believe that I now don't have to go to London to visit this great store!

Question: Can you guess who the girl is next to me on the last picture? I'll answere this on my next post! Stay tuned..


  1. TOPSHOP looks like an awesome spot!!! You looked like you were having alot of fun. Who is that next to you in the last picture? You gotta tell us!



  2. I bet that was an amazing experience!

  3. lucky you to have Topshop in your city. I can only shop online @ topshop

  4. Lucky! This looks like a fabulous launch party! Love both of your looks! You got some great shots too.

  5. wow great pics...i'd like to visit amsterdam!!!
    if you want take a look at my blog i'd really appreciate it! xoxo

  6. Nice, i like!
    I think the girl next to you is your sister.
    Massol, lator!

  7. Love this store.
    Maybe we can follow each other?http://www.fashionmechic.com/


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