May 15, 2012

Monthly Trend: May

Monthly Trend: May

I was doing so good on my posts but suddenly I got really sick and couldn't post anything... On top of that... My sister got married last Friday! She was without a doubt the most beautiful bride I have ever seen! Anyway, here is the 'Monthly Trend' of May

A few fashion tips you have to keep in mind:
(1) Get a polka dot something, it's coming back big time!
(2) The must have colour is deep raspberry, I prefer a jeans in that colour. 
(3) A sleeveless biker jacket gives your feminen clothes a little bit more toughness.
(4) The black sandals makes your look laid back.
(5) Interested in editing one more style? Try to finish your look off with nerdy glasses.

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  1. The polka dot blouse is really pretty. I am in love with everything that has polka dots. I have like 100 peaces with polka dots... :))

  2. The leather gilet is amazing!

  3. love you choice.. the pastel colored jeans, the leather jacket, the white polka dot sleeveless blouse though i would prefer an open toe shoes rather than a flat sandals :) adding fashion jewelry would also be a nice idea.. perhaps an earring or a big, chunky or cuff bracelet to complete your look :)

    hope you can also visit


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