December 22, 2011

DIY - Wrapping Up Christmas Presents


Since Christmas is right around the corner and therfor Christmas presents are too, I thought it would be nice to show you a little DIY - wrapping Christmas presents up. This is so easy - and ofcourse a lot of fun to do!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. These are so cute -- love that makeshift bow made with the tape!

  2. Thanks for your visit, I really love your blog!!!

  3. Looks cute!
    &You can make a heart by pressing 'ALT' and the 3 on the right side of your keyboard.
    But if you've got an Apple or you're computer is running on Linux you can write & h e a r t s ; (but then as one word of course!)

    Hope this helps you (:

  4. Great idea! Thanks for sharing it! Merry xmas!

  5. These are so creative, I feel rather lazy now for opting for gift bags !

  6. thanks for visiting mine too!
    I love your blog and to see all your post I put your blog on the lateral of my blog!
    have a nice day!



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